FMCG, services and other industries studies

During the last 15 years, we have carried out 500+ quant & qual fieldworks in LATAM, partnering with the most prestigious colleagues from all over the world.


We have interviewed consumers and key opinion leaders about food, beverages, personal care, technology, financial services, airlines, education, automotive, media, construction, tourism, amongst many other industries.


Healthcare studies

We have access to specialist physicians, patients, and professionals involved in the treatment of a wide range of pathologies.

The psychologists and scientists that interview them have extensive local and international experience in medical studies. They speak the same language as physicians and have in-depth knowledge of the medical issues under study.


Specialists and targets:
Cardiologists | Surgeons | General practitioners | Consumers of analgesics | Consumers of antiallergics | Dermatologists | Endocrinologists | Infectious disease specialists | Pharmacists | Gastroenterologists | Gynecologists | Hematologists and specialist nurses | Emergency attendants | Family physicians and medical interns |  Nephrologists | Pneumonologists | Ophthalmologists |  Oncologists |  HIV patients | Patients with nasal congestion | Oncology patients | Pediatricians | Proctologists | Rheumatologists | Traumatologists


Allergies | Contraception | Anti-inflammatories | Psoriatic arthritis | Rheumatic arthritis | Breast cancer | Cephalea | Nasal congestion |  Allergic conjunctivitis | Dyslipidemia |  Crohn’s disease | Ankylosing spondylitis | Viral gastroenteritis | Hemophilia | HIV | Growth hormone |  Lymphoma |  Calcium supplements | Pneumonia |  Osteoporosis |  Psoriasis | Rheuma