Optimise your product portfolio

Using advanced quantitative methods such as conjoint and other new statistical developments, we are able to determine the optimum portfolio that will bring the maximum revenue to your product or brand.


Set roads for innovation

We apply state of the art technology to carry out FG, IDI, etnographies, netnographies, on line forums and communities, mobilie surveys, to understand consumers deep motivations.


Find the optimum price for your product

Using the latest developments in Discrete Choice Analysis, we can determine the optimum product price that will lead to the highest revenue.


Monitor how your brand performs, and spot new opportunities

Through our, simple, efficient and cost effective Brand & Comms Tracker, we can monitor your brand´s and competitor´s awareness, purchase behavior and loyalty. And which segments that are more engaged with your brand.


Analysing Brand & Comms Tracker results, we establish consumption trends and spot new opportunities in the market.